Rave Reviews Book Club’s “SPOTLIGHT” Author Flossie Benton Rogers

Today’s blog features guest Flossie Benton Rogers, “SPOTLIGHT” Author from Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC), answering questions about Mind Your Goddess and her Witchfae series of novels. Please be sure to leave a comment or question for Flossie below. So, let’s meet Flossie!


Why do you write paranormal romance?

I have always loved fairy tales, and mythology is a passion of mine. Paranormal romance allows me to play around in the various mythological pantheons. It’s like an ice cream cone piled high with delicious flavors and chocolate sprinkles on top!


What made you decide to write a series?

As I wrote the first book, two secondary characters made it clear they had a story to tell and wanted their own book. This was the Goddess Epona and her dark Guardian of the Between, Eshigel. They are the stars of the third book, Mind Your Goddess. With each book, new characters introduce themselves to me and want their story told.


What is the Wytchfae world like?

The Wytchfae world brims with dimensions parallel to our own. Some are welcoming, others dangerous and forbidding. Still, through the darkest night and the fright of unchained chaos, love will always shine.


Other than the fae world, what do the books in your Wytchfae series have in common?

All of the books in the Wytchfae series are romances but also are paranormal dark fantasies– think urban fantasy combined with true love. Each book has a different hero and heroine, although some characters occasionally cross over to make cameo appearances. Each book of the series features fae time travel and horses and is an action-packed adventure.


Why did you set Mind Your Goddess in the 1920s?

The era has fascinated me since childhood when I watched an old tv show set in that time. It was called Margie and starred Cynthia Pepper, who later went on to appear in an Elvis movie. (She was the only actress who kissed a blond Elvis.)   In the Roaring Twenties women took the reins in their own hands and drove the chariot. I love the peppy energy and the slang such as bee’s knees, meaning wonderful. There’s even a gin cocktail called Bee’s Knees. I actually tried one in Orlando last year, and it was splendid!


Speaking of reins, why do you have at least one horse in each book so far?

Horses play a large role in history and mythology. Not only are they primary transportation, they also symbolize movement and change. A romance novel is all about those concepts.


You also have time travel in each book. What’s up with that?

The Wytchfae world is composed of a multitude of fae realms, each parallel to our own human earth dimension. The supernatural fae beings travel to various time periods much as we go on vacation. Such travel is achieved through the services of a mystical time singer who unravels the threads of time.



Find Flossie and her books on Twitter: @FrostFyre



Thanks for visiting today, Flossie Benton Rogers!







  1. Thanks Stephen Geez for hosting this thoughtful, inspiring author.

    Of her decision to create her Paranormal Romance series and of
    the evolution of “MIND YOUR GODDESS,” the third in this diverse
    collection, what resonates with the writer in me is this:

    Flossie Benton Rogers’ reflection on the creative mind when she states, “With each book, new characters introduce themselves to me and want their stories told.” Keep writing, Flossie, because your eager readers also await your ever-emerging characters.

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  2. This is such a great way to become more familiar with Flossie and her work. The interview was fascinating. Enjoy your wonderful time in the spotlight Flossie, it’s an amazing experience. Thanks for hosting today, Stephen.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Flossie, I’m so excited to catch this post today. I’m a huge fan of paranormal romance, and can’t wait to dive into your series! Thank you for sharing a bit of the story behind your books, and thank you, Stephen, for hosting! Both of you take care and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂 ~Stephanie

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  4. I’ve known Flossie for a while. She is a wonderful supporter and is on my TBR list. I will get around to reading some of her works. I hope all of you will take a second look at her books while she basks in the spotlight on Gary’s blog (a.k.a. Stephen). Thank you for spotlighting Flossie and her books, Gary. Have a wonderful day and month, Flossie. You deserve it.

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