A Very Elegant Conversation with a Vampire

Yikes! Marcha Fox is offering a powerful yet poignant introduction to Rhani’s writing as well as this story. I’m very impressed. A few lines drew me into the story’s narrative. I’m betting “The Perilous Thirst” will make me a fan or Ms. D’Chai’s.

Marcha's Two-Cents Worth



Review of “A Perilous Thirst” by Rhani D’Chae

This short story is as elegantly written as its cover implies, taking you straight into the mind and very cold heart of a traditional vampire. We’ve had an “interview” with a vampire sometime back, but this is a “conversation” with a vampire, or perhaps, “seduction” by a vampire. And what an entrancing and enlightening one it is!

This is not a friendly, warm, fuzzy, and moral creature, even though he states that he has never forced himself on anyone. Nonetheless, he is of the human blood-sucking type from which nightmares derive. This is one who has lived for thousands of years, has amassed plenty of money, has sophisticated manners as well as tastes, and is now living in Tacoma, Washington in 1987.  As the story begins, he has not indulged his sordid nature for four months and the lack of nourishment is…

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Winning Cover Reveal

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I hope everyone who celebrates had a great Halloween! I love the fall season, the changing of the colors. As I said in the last email, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, fall or leaf season as we commonly call it, is a big deal. It’s also tourist season. This year it started a little late. This week is much more colorful than the normal peak time of late October. We’ve already had snow blowing around. Nothing stuck though. When it blows around. it’s hard to tell if it’s actually snowing or blowing off of the mountain tops.

The pups are hanging out indoors more these days as the weather gets colder. You’ve heard me talk about my dogs before, you know the two West Highland White Terriers (Westies) and one mixed Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie).

For The Love of Money – Romantic Suspense Cover Reveal

Thank you to all who voted…

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Please Welcome Stephen Geez

Thanks to Rhani for hosting and 4 Wills Publishing for all the hard work and support!

Rhani DChae

Today, it’s my great pleasure to host fellow author and Rave Reviews Book Club member, Stephen Geez. Please read on to learn a little bit about this talented author, and to read a sample of his work. 

* * *

Geez Fantasy Patch Placard

Comment from Stephen Geez

Today is Day 7, the finale of my 4 Wills Publishing blog tour to tout Fantasy Patch, my media thriller. Please share this shamelessly promotional short story based on the book’s characters. Thanks for looking at Fantasy Patch this week—or now if you’ve just tuned in. Please follow and read our generous host’s blog. Don’t forget to grapple for some of that loot (well, books mostly) offered to some lucky visitors. Remember to leave reviews here and there when you discover a good book. Interest young people in learning to interpret and enjoy good stories. Old people, too.

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Short fiction,

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Stephen Geez Blog Tour—Day 4

Thanks to Linda Mims for hosting my blog tour today!

The Long and Short Stories of Life

Geez Fantasy Patch Placard.jpg

Stephen Geez is a retired businessman, television producer, and music composer/producer who writes novels, essay collections, all manner of shorts, and industrial scripts. With University of Michigan bachelors and masters degrees including English Language & Literature, he’s a maven of language mechanics and literary styles who argues that any message is more compelling if told like a story.

I’m proud to host Stephen here, today. Enjoy!

Fantasy Patch

A media thriller by Stephen Geez

Snippet, jetting back to Chicago

“No sign of Hank,” Durbett tells me after clicking off. “Said his car’s gone, but his house is wide open like he left in a big hurry. They still ain’t found your phone book―”

Ring. They found Hank’s cell-phone number! Durbett tells his man to have one guy stay there while the other one skedaddles to meet us at the airport. Then Durbett tries to call Hank, putting it on the…

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“Fantasy Patch” by Stephen Geez @StephenGeez #RRBC #4WillsPub

Thanks for sharing your blog today, Kim!

Kim's Author Support Blog

Introducing, Stephen Geez, a good friend and a multi-published author. Read about his book, Fantasy Patch, a media thriller.

Geez Fantasy Patch Placard

Fantasy Patch

A media thriller by Stephen Geez
Action snippet from Chapter 1

There’s an explosion, a fireball on the far shore, and a man’s waving his arms, calling for help.

The pilot zooms right up alongside the bank. The man jumps on the bow, shouting about people trying to get him―Go! Go! Go!

And we’re out of there just as several more come running toward the shore, firing weapons―at us!

There’s another explosion, now the sound of a chopper powering up. Man, this Wave-Slicer is really moving fast!

The 4000 is flashing superimposed images, dot-line course recommendations, obstacle warnings, readouts and sidebars, data-this, data-that.

Islands are streaking by in a blur, that chopper coming after us.

Our passenger slumps to the deck, maybe hurt, barely holding on.

“We’ve got to…

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Meet Thriller Writer Gordon Bickerstaff #PIF

Discover one of my favorite novelists,

Gordon Bickerstaff,

author of such great thrillers

as Deadly Secrets

and Toxic Minds.


GORDON BICKERSTAFF, thriller writer living in Scotland, is today’s featured story-teller.

 Born and raised in Glasgow, he also spent his student years in Edinburgh. On summer vacations, he learned plumbing and garden maintenance, and he cut the grass in the Meadows. He learned some biochemistry and taught it for a while before retiring to write fiction. He does some aspects of DIY moderately well and other aspects not so well. He lives with his wife in Scotland where corrupt academics, mystery, murder, and intrigue exist mostly in his mind. He wrote the Gavin Shawlens series of thrillers: Deadly Secrets, Everything To Lose, The Black Fox, Toxic Minds and Tabula Rasa. More will come in due course. He enjoys walking in the hills, ’60s & ’70s music, reading, and travel.

Check out his latest in the series:


Tabula Rasa

A hundred years ago, a wealthy family of visionaries prophesied the devastation that global warming would bring to world food supplies in the 21st century. They decided to prepare for the worst, and embark on an ambitious plan of revolution.

Lambeth Group agents, Zoe Tampsin and Gavin Shawlens, prepare to investigate the unusual death of a government defence scientist. Someone is determined to stop them before they get started. Zoe uncovers two unfamiliar words, Tabula Rasa. The only other clue is the curious behaviour of the dead scientist’s son, Ramsay.

Posing as a couple, Gavin and Zoe enter the secret and dangerous world of Ramsay’s aristocratic guardians, headed by philanthropist billionaire, Lord Zacchary Silsden.




“Dance of the Lights” by Stephen Geez

Marcha's Two-Cents Worth


If you have any doubt regarding what life is all about, then you need to read this beautiful story, which will explain it to you. The ultimate love story, I definitely fell in love with most of the characters in this book. They were so real, you felt as if you knew them, that they were your own friends and neighbors, making their way through life and its struggles, including sometimes the painful loss of a loved one. It was an utterly convincing slice of life, where people work hard for what they have, interact with neighbors and loved ones, and most importantly, help one another when the need arises. It was about priorities, caring, and doing the right thing, but not in a flamboyant way. It was about the passage of time, how things change, including people, and the importance of friends.

A light paranormal touch permeated the story…

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